I’m writing a speech – I need some help!


Steve Buscemi - The better man

It’s that time of the year when we’re just over half way through our surprisingly hot summer, England have won The Ashes, the blockbusters have been released and weddings are upon us.

It’s the latter that I will focus this post on, as in just under 3 weeks I will be The Best Man (the better man) at my brothers wedding. It will be a tricky one to navigate for the following reasons:
1 – he’s a comedy writer
2 – my sense of humour is what you would call niche at best
3 – she is American (hello cultural differences!)

Soooo, what is it that makes a good speech? I’m racking my brain trying to work out what would be appropriate (and inappropriate) and thinking what the hell am I going to say? Do I make a gag of gun control, try to be Sorkin-esque and do something political – could I recite Bill Pulmans Independence Day speech?

In the end I turn to what I know best-film. What follows are what I believe to be some of the great speeches in film but remember what I said above – my sense of humour is niche.

1 – Al Pacino in Scent of a Woman. He delivers this with precision, passion and meaning – I hate to think how many pages it was in the script!

2 – Gary (or Garwy if you are doing the cockney accent) Oldman in The Dark Knight.  Possible one of the finest blockbusters of the last decade (can open, worms everywhere…) and it’s even 30mins too long.

3 – Bill Murray. No description necessary.

4 – The Presidents speech in Armageddon as he reveals the impending doom to the world.  It’s all about the slo-mo, music and… well more slo-mo and the music.

5 – Baby speaks to her father in Dirty Dancing.  Grab the tissues.

6 – Independence Day – The music, the words, Bill Pullman, salutes – men cheering.  We’re fighting for our right to live – to exist!!

7 – Robin Hood Prince of Thieves.  This film has it all – Costners mullet, swords, bow and arrows and Alan Rickman being Alan Rickman.

8 – A Few Good Men.  Sorkin pre-West Wing is on fire and when you combine that with an inspired casting of Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson doing what he does best, the result is a dialogue exchange and speech that is tense, epic and is what turns this film from good to timeless.

To be honest – there are too many!  So just enjoy this beauty!


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