Who needs an iPhone 5 a, b or c…



I was intrigued into the filming capabilities of the new iPhone 5s that got released this week (blog to follow shortly) as the market continually moves closer towards 2k/4k quality.  The new phone looks great – well, it’s not much of a design change – and I reckon we will be seeing some nice footage from the camera soon.  However I think it’s important to note that even an iPhone 4s – a phone that is nearly 2 years old – can still capture great footage in the right hands.

A great example of this is a little short that I discovered after hunting around for a few minutes – Framed – the film shows us that with a bit of investment like a cheap steadicam from China, reflector screen and maybe a light and you can achieve some really nice shots.

My advice to iPhone 4s filmmakers is (and apologies for stating the obvious) back-up all your current photos/videos and apps so you have at least 10-12gb free on an empty phone, get some talent, a story and go experiment!


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