Some useful film blogs.



Apart from the blog that you are currently reading I thought I would be a good egg and share some love for other filmy-based sites that are out there.  Here are my top 3 (in no particular order).


This is a great site for film fanatics (try to say that 5 times quickly) and it’s a strong advocate for DSLR technology.  It’s constantly being updated with new content and their email newsletter is good too!  This even gives you a free copy of their 100 page guide to DSLR filming – bargain.

2: Empire

If you are reading this then you probably have Empire bookmarked in your browser.  Although the site is starting to look a little aged with lots of links, it still has great writing, brilliant interviews and good insight into imagery and stories of the latest films in production – all of which you would expect from the worlds biggest film magazine.

3: Kermode Uncut

Dr Mark Kermode is the BBC’s flagship film critic.  He co-hosts the movie review show with Simon Mayo on Radio 5 live and has done so for the last 11 years.  On top of this he is the chief film critic of the Observer and plays in a band called “The Dodge Brothers”.  Never one to stray away from saying what he thinks about films through the now famously known “Kermodian Rants”, he is honest and sometimes brutal, but more often than not he is right.  Check this out for a taster:


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