iOS7 – it’s the Japanese Mercedes



Last Wednesday the people over at Apple launched iOS7 and all of a sudden my Facebook feed was full of references to the release and the response was mixed.  

Some were positive and some were negative.  On the whole I think it’s a nice change – I like it, but I can help thinking about Alan Partridge and how he “loves Lexi.”  For the record, I’d love a Lexus.

To the Apple geeks and followers it’s amazing, but scratch beneath the service and all they have done is re-branded it with a jazzy new navigation system and a bright colour scheme which means you have to turn your brightness down thus saving battery life (if that was intentional then I tip my hat to you Apple, so simple).  Like I said, I like the update, but I had got over the hype within hours of installation and I can’t help but think that this was not the dramatic game-changer many had been hoping.

This brings me onto the more important video functionality – or lack of it.  There has been no update to it apart from a “jazzy” new record button which is a shame considering the photo editing functionality that was introduced.  Apple have missed a trick here and I’m not sure why?  Do they value stills over video?  It’s like Final Cut X all over again!  

When I think about it more I can draw up a list of things (which I’ve kept short) that should have been introduced – 

– Filters you can add pre or post shooting. i.e. de-saturation, sepia, vignettes, slo-mo

– Add audio to videos (like music tracks).

– Image stabiliser effect

– Frame rate adjustment (I’m going out on a limb here…)

– Manual/Auto switch.   

The last three are what I would call “game-changers” as the previous points in my mind are feasible as we have seen them in third party applications.  Don’t get me wrong; I love Instagram (Vine is the emperors new clothes) but being limited to a cropped video that is 15 seconds wrong gets annoying.  Also, how hard can it be to add filters to a video when shooting – I mean c’mon! 

I’m guessing the reasoning behind the lack of development is that it will eat into the OS too much which is why they are happy to leave the video functions as they are.  

There are however, a plethora of Apps available as work arounds which I will blog about soon but in the meantime iOS7 is the Japanese Mercedes, it’s not quite an efficient, brilliant engineered piece of German wizardry, it’s the Japanese equivalent that fools you into thinking you have the same thing when actually, if you look under the bonnet you’ve got something that is pretty much the same as every other vehicle on the market and is not that special after all.  

I’m content with it to a point and like I said I think it’s nice, I just wanted a little more and maybe that is why Apple do so well. Their like a good meal at your favourite restaurant – never eat too much and always leave knowing you could have squeezed in a just another spoonful – doing so means you’ll always come back! 



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