Groundhog Day the musical



This weekend news broke that was so big it almost woke the groundhog from its slumber.   News that will excite and divide – that news is that Groundhog Day is going to be made into a musical.

Tim Minchin went public on his twitter account and I am excited.  The film lends itself to being converted to the music format well and it will be interesting to see how they adapt the screenplay.  I’m already asking myself questions such as:

“Will it be set with an American or British backdrop?”

“What will the snow look like on stage?”

“Will they incorporate some of the songs from the film (i.e Pennsylvania polka, Weatherman and I got you babe”

For me, the big question is who will play Phil Connors.  Would Bill be tempted? There are a few people that I think could play him but the thing with Phil is that you need an actor who doesn’t have rugged good looks or is suave and cool, you need someone who is likeable for the wrong reasons and that is hard to cast. 

If you were going American I could see Richard Schiff or Bob Odenkirk doing amazing jobs for different reasons.  If you were to go British I think Rupert Graves or Peter Capaldi would be epic.

Anyway, Tim Minchin said on Twitter that we’re not going to hear much for a while so until then we’ll have to keep speculating. 

One last thing – don’t forget your booties cos it’s cold out there…





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