There goes my weekend…new website for icebreakers/teachers


I discovered a really cool website last night.  Well, I say “I” when really it was an “Ed, you should check this site out” – let’s call a recommendation over a dinner party (do people still have dinner parties? Very Downton Abbey).  The discovery was Sporcle and it will change your life. The site is a treasure trove of quizzes, brain games and trivia and it means that you will never, ever be bored again.  I tested it on some 2nd year Level 3’s (18-19yrs) as an “it’s Friday, we’re waiting for the weekend to begin so let’s get this lesson out the way asap” icebreaker and although they probably wouldn’t admit it, they secretly loved the 10-minute challenge of naming all 50 states.  FYI, none of them managed to do it – 32 was the record. Sporcle Dig a little deeper into the site and you’ll discover more activities to do with languages, sciences, English – one of which is on Palindromes and as well as other ‘dromes’ I’ve never even heard of but excellent for those teaching English as a foreign language. Anyway, enjoy and let me know of how you have used it in your classroom.


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