I’m gonna lose it


Enough is enough – I’m sleep deprived due to child number 2 deciding to give Margaret Thatcher a run for her money in the limited sleep department, finishing off a 2 year course and it’s that time of the year when as a teacher the backlog of tiredness decides to kick in.

However, all of the above is self-inflicted and I want to make it clear that I do not want any sympathy. What is really narking me off are the seagulls.  This morning I recorded this –

I work hard, I pay my taxes but for more than 2 years now these winged vermin have been terrorising my street and unless BANES council act soon I’m gonna lose it and start taking matters into my own hands.  You’ve been warned.

And yes, that is the sound of children on their way to school taking cover as the guls circle the vulnerable prey at ground level.



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