Meet Ed – prepared to be wowed


This is quite scary.  I mean, we have seen massive strides being taken in SFX and CGI but this, this is quite special.

The film was created by Chris Jones which according to his YouTube description, took 800 hours to render (that’s 33.3 days – like a month!) – serious dedication.

Media tools and resources for educators


As a moving image lecturer you find that you are dealing with learners who are early adopters of technology, digital natives and can grasp technical pieces of software relatively quickly.  With numerous levels of stress and pressure being put on us educators we need to be innovative and look for resources that are insightful and beneficial to the learner experience.

Over the last couple of years I have been using a few different websites and materials that I have highlighted below.


Quizlet is a resource that a colleague passed onto me last year – it’s great as it’s a global piece of software that thousands of users have contributed too.  On the site you can search subjects, software, hardware or even food types – it has everything – and it will turn it into flash cards, quizzes, spellers and scatters.  It’s also has a competitive element too which always helps.


I imagine that upon first glance a lot of people will turn away and seek other resources but delve a little deeper and you’ll find some nice stuff on this site.  Yes it looks dated and clunky but some of the resources are really good.  They have a countdown clock (always essential), QR generators, jigsaw puzzle generators and even an ‘old-skool’ arcade game generator.  It may look retro, but retro is cool.

Class ToolsGoogle Apps

I was recently at a UAL conference in London with other FE institutions and the general feeling is that why should we use pieces of software that your institution pays thousands of pounds on yet fail to update or test properly for things like Apple based operating systems – I’ve heard horror stories of institutions that have to juggle 5 different pieces of software to do with tracking, registers, online documentation!  Step forward Google, and in particular, google drive.   I will do a much more in-depth blog on this soon but check it out and please please please – look at the apps that work  alongside google drive.  You’ll find mind-mapping, design software and games!

Google Apps


So these are just a few – if you know of any send them my way and I’ll take a look. I’ll also do another post on this and I’ll add in any new ones I discover.

Groundhog Day the musical



This weekend news broke that was so big it almost woke the groundhog from its slumber.   News that will excite and divide – that news is that Groundhog Day is going to be made into a musical.

Tim Minchin went public on his twitter account and I am excited.  The film lends itself to being converted to the music format well and it will be interesting to see how they adapt the screenplay.  I’m already asking myself questions such as:

“Will it be set with an American or British backdrop?”

“What will the snow look like on stage?”

“Will they incorporate some of the songs from the film (i.e Pennsylvania polka, Weatherman and I got you babe”

For me, the big question is who will play Phil Connors.  Would Bill be tempted? There are a few people that I think could play him but the thing with Phil is that you need an actor who doesn’t have rugged good looks or is suave and cool, you need someone who is likeable for the wrong reasons and that is hard to cast. 

If you were going American I could see Richard Schiff or Bob Odenkirk doing amazing jobs for different reasons.  If you were to go British I think Rupert Graves or Peter Capaldi would be epic.

Anyway, Tim Minchin said on Twitter that we’re not going to hear much for a while so until then we’ll have to keep speculating. 

One last thing – don’t forget your booties cos it’s cold out there…




Filmic Pro App


Filmic Pro Interface

I’ve blogged on iPhone filmic shizzle before and I thought I would post about an App that has been around for a while – Filmic Pro.  It costs £2.99 and in my opinion it’s a bargain.  Why? Let me tell you.

For a while I’ve been talking about the iPhones lack of functionality in regards to video and how I feel they are not really putting enough development into this part of the device.  Things like camera quality and limited manual functions make the iPhone overpriced and not great value considering the other phones on the market – l’ll be honest the only reason I love my iPhone is the design, the size, the fact that everything just works and, well I’m an Apple fan (although it’s starting to wear off due to some of what I’m blogging about).

However, after downloading Filmic Pro my attitude does soften slightly (but also raises other issues that I’ll talk about later) as it makes the camera on the phone a lot more suitable to filmmakers as it provides more manual settings.  Below is a list of what I like about the app.

1: Shutter speed controls – good for slowing things down in post (although I’m yet to work out if this is just an optical illusion…)

2: Manual focus – you are able to pick a point of focus and keep it.

3: Aperture – no more light changes.

4: Customizable pre-sets.

5: Time lapse – always good fun.

(Other notable things that are gimmicky are the on/off flash switch, audio metering and exporting to places like vimeo etc.)

It’s a great app that does go some way to sorting a few things out but it’s never going to result in you throwing your DSLR away…However, and there’s always a “however” – the app does re-enforce what I already know and it is this – STORAGE!  When oh when are Apple going to get their best developers to start creating an iPhone with some sort of flash storage!  I mean how hard would it be to have a micro SD slot so that you can shoot and not worry about having to remove items off your device to compensate!  I mean SanDisk to a 64GB micro SD card – that would be immense.  Seriously Apple, GET YOUR S*%T together and stop piddling about!

Rant over.

Anyway the App is lots of fun and solves some problems but re-enforces others. Till next time.